Why Aliko Dangote Should Be Nigeria’s Next President

With the current economic realities in which majority of states in the country cant pay salaries, perhaps its past time we considered a new a new strategy: put a hardcore capitalist at the helm of affairs. And who better than the countries biggest capitalist! Here are five reasons why Aliko Dangote should be Nigeria’s next president. 1. Efficiency: Some of the country’s biggest challenges include corruption and bureaucracy. For a man who turned a small trading firm he founded in 1977 into a multi-trillion naira conglomerate, managing one of the most bureaucratic nations in the world should be an interesting challenge. 2. Popularity: any Nigerian home or abroad who has access to any form of media be it radio, TV or the internet will most likely know who Aliko Dangote is. With that sort of popularity selling him as a presidential candidate would be easy for any political party. 3. Spotless: in a country where almost every popular person has one corruption scandal or the other, the man has managed to keep a image clean. In fact, the only scandal he almost had was when a certain Miss Sylvia Nduka was rumored to be his girlfriend. An allegation in which both he and the lady in question denied. 4. Business minded: no disrespect to president Buhari, but he needs to upgrade his financial intelligence. To spend more money, you have to first diversify your income stream. The school feeding program, 5000naira for the poor amongst other liabilities without having a long term financial sustainability plan for these programs will end up doing more harm than good. 5. There is no one else: the main opposition party, the PDP is struggling with internal crisis. It doesn’t look like they will be producing a president anytime soon. The ruling APC for now doesn’t seem to have any electable presidential material. A presidential material with popularity and the political muscle to unite the country, and most importantly one with no corruption scandal seems to be lacking in the country right now. aliko

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